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Treating the cause of pain.
Not just the symptoms.

Treating the cause of pain not just the symptoms.

At Astute Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic, we firmly believe that physiotherapy should be patient centric. This means that the we focus on your individual problems, and the goals you want to achieve when deciding what physiotherapy treatment plan is best. Due to the uniqueness of each person the treatment approach chosen varies according to the individual, their symptoms and their goals.

Unique people require unique treatment, therefore, we use a wide combination of physiotherapy techniques to provide our patients with the best possible treatment and the fastest means to a pain free quality of life. It is this tailored approach that allows us to maximise the potential of every patient.

Our individual and caring approach couples with our extensive experience, means that you can be confident that any treatment you receive from Astute Physio is of the highest quality.

What we can help with:

  • Back Pain/Sciatica
  • Neck Pain/ Headaches
  • Work injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Pre & post natal conditions
  • Shoulder conditions
  • Knee conditions
  • Postoperative orthopaedic recovery
  • General joint pain & arthritis
  • Soft tissue injuries/muscular & ligament strains
  • Sports Strength & Conditioning Programs
  • Exercise Programs

Other Services we offer:

  • EXOS removable casts
  • Fibreglass waterproof castings
  • Orthopaedic brace supply & fitting
  • Taping
  • Exercise programming
  • Strength & conditioning training
  • Manual Handling Training
  • Work place Assessments
  • Aged Care Physiotherapy
  • Pre Employment Assessments

Physiotherapy can help.

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